About Us

Philosophy and vision

Quality time, fun, family values

Our mission is to help parents to entertain and keep kids busy during weekends without gadgets.

Concept: Once in a month you will receive an activity box . Box consists of easy to do activities which kids can do on weekends (with minimum parents guidance). It can be new toys, water coloring pictures, DIY masks, balloons, etc

Idea is: keep kids entertained and busy during the weekend (without gadgets) and give parents guilt-free time for their rest, and family fun activities (if parents want to join their kids). Boxes will not consist of fancy and expensive toys, it’s rather something which is played one or 2 days and should not be kept and take space.

Unique Features: Kids can do it with minimal parent guidance. Disposable items which will not take space and make mess after weekend.

Why parents chose us:  It will solve the following problems for the parents: Solves 2 basic problems of parent: saves time and money

  1. They will have free time knowing kids are busy (and busy not watching TV or using gadgets).
  2. They will not use time searching how to entertain kids on the weekends
  3. They will have more different activities items for less price (compared with ordering from Amazon, or searching in malls.
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